This list of links will probably grow...

First of all, my friend Adam's blog The Radiant Glory of Jesus. Adam does proper theology on his blog, unlike me, examining Jesus' nature. Well worth a read.

Secondly, the church we attend, St. Thomas's Lancaster. St Tees, as it's known, is a large, welcoming, encouraging, community of Christians.

St Tees is a member of New Wine. New Wine is a slightly (?) wacky collection of churches, mainly in the UK, all of which are evangelical and charismatic.

Mike Peatman's blog. Mike was the vicar of Morecambe Parish Church, but has recently moved to Beverley. I like his blog - eclectic is probably a good word to describe it - there's all sorts there, theology, politics, plenty of original thought, and Mike's wacky sense of humour shines through at times too.

A dear friend of mine has a blog dealing withher chronic illness. She's a very brave lady, with a lot to say which is worth reading - but make sure you've got some tissues handy - it's moving stuff.

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